OLD: 台灣版 初版
第一版 / Taiwan 1st Edition)
Chapter 1-50
NEW: 台灣版 改訂版
第二版 / Taiwan 2nd Edition)
Chapter 1-50
みんなの日本語   積琪的筆記簿
みんなの日本語 "minna no nihongo"
textbook notes and reference
Minna no Nihongo - How many versions?   大家的日本語 到底有幾多版本?
NEW: 日本版
第二版 / Japan 2nd Edition)
Chapter 1-50
OLD: 日本版 初版
第一版 / Japan 1st Edition)
Chapter 1-50
NEW: 中國大陸版
第二版 / Mainland China 2nd Edition)
Chapter 1-50
NEW: 香港版
第二版 / HONG KONG 2nd Edition)
教科書: 大家的日本語, 第二版是最新的版本 (或叫「改訂版」) 。是其中一本最暢銷的日文教科書。
Textbook:  Minna-no-Nihongo, the
2nd Edition is the most updated version. 
It's one of the best-seller of Japanese study textbook.

1-50 課是「初級」課程, 蓋括整個 JLPT N5程度, 及大約 40% JLPT N4 程度 (無錯, 並非包括全部 N4)
Chapters 1-50 (Elementary level) include all grammar of JLPT N5-level,
and around 40% of JLPT N4-level only (YES.... not all grammar of N4).

第一版跟第二版相差不大, 不論你用哪一個版本, 都可以學好日文。
There is not much different between 1st version and 2nd version, both versions are good for your study.

日本原版、台灣版、中國大陸版, 內容都是相同的, 都是 1-50
Japan / Taiwan / Mainland China versions - All of them are in same contents: Chapter 1-50.

Taiwan version also include the vocabulary list for each Chapter with Chinese translation.

中國大陸版沒有詞彙表, 但附有各練習題的答案
Mainland China version - no vocabulary list, but
answer for each exercise is included in the textbook.

香港版則是根據香港場景而有修改, 地名及交通公具等會加入香港的內容, 與其他版本有所不同。
Hong Kong version is a special one that it includes the name of place / transport of Hong Kong. 
So it's quite different with other versions.

自學用這書好嗎? 我的看法是: 有老師教比較好。
Is this book good for self-study?  My opinion: better find a teacher to help you.
After Chapter 1-50, what textbook can I use?  讀完 1-50 課, 有什麼書可以用?
讀完 1-50 , 你是完成了 「初級」課程。
After you studied Chapter 1-50, you have finished the "Elementary level".

然後可以用: 大家的日本語「中級」課本:
Then you can use: Minna-no-Nihongo (Intermediate level) textbook:

全部讀完大約可到 JLPT N2 程度。
These books include the grammar upto JLPT N2 level.
日本版 (Japan Edition)
Chapter 1-24
台灣版 (Taiwan Edition)
Chapter 1-24
中國大陸版 (Mainland China Edition)
Chapter 1-24