N5(舊四級)參考表, right-click 左邊 Excel icon 下載
内有三個 worksheet, 請看看自己還有什麼文法/生字未學
製作日期: 2007  <2023.12.05 更新版制作中>

Excel file with 3 worksheets for N5-Level (= Old Level-4)
You can right-click on the Excel icon and download the file for reference
(File made in 2007) 
<2023.12.05 update version is in progress>
官方試題參考 / Official JLPT Test paper free download:
香港區報名 / Enrolment (for Hong Kong):
みんなの日本語   積琪的筆記簿
みんなの日本語 "minna no nihongo"
textbook notes and reference
JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)  日 本 語 能 力 試 資 料